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Teri Farrell Gittins

Teri Farrell Gittins graduated from Art Center College of Design and then freelanced for several companies creating work for the children's markets. Shortly after, she fell in love with fabric and surface design. Teri now works to create beautiful paintings and surface patterns for products like fabrics, paper, and more. She is forever curious and loves to learn new techniques and skills, allowing her work to continue to change and mature. Currently, she paints and draws using traditional watercolor, gauche and ink, as well as manipulating her work using digital tools.

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Surrender to the Sea

Nautical stylish coastal collection, trendy gredish and pale blue combination


Twinkle  Little Moon

Cute and fresh, creative moonlight collection

Marie's Picnic.jpg

Marie's Picnic

Picnic topic, fresh and bute, enjoy the Spring!

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