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Elena Vladykina

Elena Vladykina has spent the last 15‭ ‬years establishing her place as a creative force in the home‭, ‬gift, and stationery industries‭. ‬She was born and raised in St‭. ‬Petersburg‭, ‬Russia, and came to the U.S‭. ‬in 1991‭ ‬with her family‭. ‬Her work has graced countless products due to how prolific she is and her unique talent‭. ‬Elena settled in the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounded herself with‭ ‬tropical flowers‭, ‬ethnic pottery‭, ‬books‭, ‬and music‭. ‬

Jungle Cheetch .jpg

Jungle Cheetch

Cotton Lawn material gives this collection a more delicate look!

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