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Paul Brent

Paul Brent is a Florida artist whose work is known worldwide. His paintings in watercolor and oil have deftly portrayed the many aspects of the area capturing the innate beauty on paper and canvas. He is best know for his idyllic watercolors of coastal life and is often referred to as America's best-known coastal artist. His work has shown constant progression and change throughout his career. As a professional artist, Paul Brent was accepted as a signature member into the Florida Watercolor Society, the Southeastern Watercolor Society, and the National Watercolor Society. His work has been included in museum shows and he has had one man show in art galleries throughout the US. 



Delicate and strong painting of western life, panel style collection

Beach Time.jpg

Beach Time

Fresh Summer is here! Sailing on the top of sea!

Melody Garden.jpg

Melody Garden

Beautiful and delicate birds and flowers, singing in the garder.


Wild Western Life

Enjoy the latest collection present wild western life!


Coastal Life

Traditional painting style descript the coastal life. Lobster, crab, sailor equipment and shells complete the collection.

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